Why Uplift?

Uplift : Why Uplift?

In a world of increased stress, relentless action and concentration on technology, we need to take time out to relax and recharge our physical and mental batteries. Uplift is a system of directed, non-chemical holistic treatments that can help you achieve a greater level of concentration, improve your memory and focus, and help you relax when the day is done.

The Ayurveda is an ancient system of medicine from India, where healing plants and herbs have been used for millennia. The word Ayurveda in ancient Sanskrit translates as the knowledge or wisdom (veda) of life (ayur). In this regime, centuries of examination of human physiology is combined with an in-depth knowledge of the medicinal properties of plants, offering a holistic approach that treats all aspects of human health, both mental and physical.

Formulated by Ayurveda doctors

The three proprietary Uplift products are based on exclusive research by Ayurveda physicians, pharmacists and herbologists in India, developed with a focus on the Medhya Rasayanas, or nootropic products. These nine core plant substances were identified and classified as long as 6,000 years ago and became known for their powers of cognitive enhancement.

The Medhya Rasayanas are a path to the essence of the intellect, as they have the capacity to retard brain ageing and regenerate neural tissues by dendritic arborisation (branching). This helps the brain to refocus, improve concentration, overcome mental fatigue and generally rejuvenate itself. Memory and mood can be enhanced, stress reduced and restful sleep promoted by these all-natural plant complexes, which results in better overall health and vitality.

Made using natural ingredients

All the ingredients of Uplift products are wholly natural plant essences, pharmacologically formulated according to ancient Ayurveda principles. These ingredients are sourced from the Himalayan mountains, Indian uplands, forests and even commonly-used culinary spices, to ensure that only the best and most organic extracts are included in the formulation.

Using ancient ingredients formulated for modern living

Many people are surprised to discover that these long-classified herbs have demonstrated promising scientific evidence in clinical trials, which confirms their pharmacological validity. As a result, the ingredients used in Ayurveda medicine for thousands of years are now becoming a more mainstream system of treatment, formulated both as general supplements and as preventive medicine for neural degenerative conditions. The increase in early stage Alzheimer’s and dementia may be attributed to the stresses of modern life, which ancient medicine can help to reduce. With today’s technology it is possible to access the wisdom of the ages and produce it in a form adapted to our modern lifestyle.

No chemicals or toxins

Uplift herbal combinations are composed entirely of natural plant extracts, with no chemicals or harmful toxins to cause unpleasant side effects. Their unique composition has a positive result which stands in contrast to other nootropic supplements and drugs, which have been known to cause side effects and have failed in clinical studies to improve neural degenerative conditions.

Uniquely formulated so every ingredient plays a vital role

The specific herbal combinations take into account many factors, most importantly the documented mode of action and interaction of each ingredient, but also the clinical symptoms of sufferers and their current lifestyle. Uplift adopts a systemic approach to regaining overall mental and physical health, devoting careful attention to the role of every contributory ingredient, and its own specific properties.

  • Focus: For cognition, attention and concentration
  • Dreams: For insomnia
  • Drive: An adaptogen, for reducing stress, and increasing energy and vitality

Each Uplift poly-herbal product has been pharmacologically formulated into a capsule form, which is both efficacious and safe to consume over an extended period of time.