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Our Ayurvedic Advantage

Ayurveda is the world’s oldest holistic healing system originating from India. Under Ayurveda, there is a list of herbs specifically known for their cognitive enhancing activity, called Medhya Rasayana in Sanskrit. Although identified 6000 years ago, Upliftveda is brining these benefits to support modern living.

Why Choose Upliftveda

Our vision is to globalize the knowledge of Rasayanas and its easiest application in the form of oral supplements to empower people to effectively manage their day to day stress, and lead a life of balance, vitality and productivity without the need to resort to any synthetic vitamins or supplements.

100% Natural

Our products are 100% poly herbal Ayurveda Rasayana herbs and contain no synthetic chemicals

Total wellness

The use of Rasayanas aids in healthy ageing and promotes overall health, endurance, regeneration and vitality

Maximum synergy

The poly herbal combination of our formulations is to ensure that the maximum synergy is produced between the separate ingredients

Innovative formula

Unique supplements researched and created for their efficacy and safety, you wont find these formulas anywhere else

True supplementation

The active ingredients and their health benefits are almost impossible to be obtained from normal day to day diet

Safety process

Our products are manufactured in a GMP plant and adhere to the highest standards of safety and hygiene

Uplift Veda

Digital life stress

Millions of people in today’s modern world are overwhelmed by pressures of day to day life. This is can be due to long working hours, lack of exercise, trying to do much, poor sleep patterns and a unhealthy diet. Over a period of time if stress is not managed properly it starts affect focus, productivity, sleep and can cause long standing physiological and psychological disorders.

Uplift Veda

Ayurveda Rasayanas is the answer

While leading a balanced life with good sleep, nutrition and exercise are paramount to health and cognition, something more is need for todays stressed population to rejuvenate and regenerate the weary and over burdened brain. This is where Uplift products which are based on the 6000 years old concept of Ayurveda Rasayanas come into play.

Uplift Veda

Holistic Formula

In our products we have laid emphasis on selection of Rasayana herbs which are well known for their cognitive enhancement properties and are backed by peer reviewed scientific research. The pharmacological approach to our products strictly adheres to the 6000 year old classical Ayurveda methods and principles. This includes pairing, extraction and processing to ensure the formula follows a time tested undying legacy of efficacy and safety.

Uplift Veda

Your Wellbeing

The concept of Rasayanas is unique to Ayurveda. Through this we have created a range of natural formulas which are designed to innermost healing intelligence, not only of the body, but also of the mind, with the objective to help you perform optimally and at the same time help you to bring a positive natural balance in your life.


Drive is formulated to boost vigour and vitality in people who are lacking in energy and feeling over-stretched by the demands of modern life.

With Focus turbocharge your brain naturally by improving memory, mental clarity, cognition and alertness. Stay focused when you need to.

Good night and sleep tight as you relax, de-stress, and sleep better With Dreamz. Wake up refreshed and ready to take on the world.


See what our users says about Upliftveda products and formulas. Can you benefit from a Ayurveda advantage?


Dreamz - having fidgety periods of sleep, including struggling to put my phone away, and not being able to switch off and relax. after day 5 of using, really started to feel the benefits and had a great sleep. highly recommended.

Uplift Veda

Drive - great energy boost and amazing formula……. finally a supplement that works for me. never used Ayurvedic products before but now converted.

Uplift Veda

Focus - used synthetic nootropic supplements and wondered what negative effect these would have on my organs and mind! came across uplift which uses Ayurvedic ingredients and decided to give it a go. Really helped clear my brain fog and my mind felt more clear during some intensive studying times.

Uplift Veda